Warehouse Design and Planning

Warehouse design and planning plays a vital role in your warehouse’s overall efficiency. Our team of design specialists utilise technical drawing software and 25 years’ warehouse know-how to design your warehouse with existing and new storage equipment to ensure optimised warehouse flow.

APC Storage Solutions SA has enabled extreme storage densities, endless customisation, future expansions and cost-saving operational efficiencies with our thorough approach to warehouse design and planning.

Warehouse automation designs can be implemented in both new and existing storage warehouse facilities and we incorporate standard racking and shelving systems into these designs.

Adding to your warehouse operational efficiencies, we also offer specialised warehouse management software. This intelligent, versatile and flexible software system helps operators simplify and optimise warehouse management.

View our list of clients and completed projects to see how our warehouse designs have optimised their storage capabilities!

We’re SA’s leaders in warehouse designs and have installed highly productive warehouses for SA’s major operations. These include:

  • Cold storage and freezer warehouses for diary, produce and general food and beverage applications
  • Heavy-duty storage systems for the automotive industry
  • Fast turnaround picking warehouses for retailers and textile operations
  • Long-term palletised storage for slow rotation warehouses
  • Secure small-scale storage with locking systems for galleries, law institutions and pharmacies
  • Very narrow aisle configurations for warehouses with little space

Warehouse design for your needs:

  • Holistic approach to improve operational flow
  • New warehouse designs or upgrades to existing facilities
  • Seamless integration of storage equipment and material handling
  • Maximum storage densities in your warehouse
  • Compliance with safety, performance and other standards


Tell me more about Warehouse Design and Planning

3 steps for warehouse design:

Step 1: our world-class engineers develop a number of conceptual warehouse designs according to our customers’ specified parameters. This often involves detailed analysis of required deliverables. Our industrial warehouse designs can also be fully compatible with existing warehousing layouts and warehouse plans, not only offering you total warehouse solutions but flexible warehouse solutions tailored to your requirements.

Step 2: you decide! We present our conceptual warehouse designs by highlighting benefits and potential drawbacks of each system from an objective point of view. To help you make the right warehouse design choice, we even arrange site visits to warehouses where similar installations are fully operational.

Step 3: warehouse designs are transformed into detailed drawings of warehouse plans and warehousing layouts. This process incorporates civil work, warehouse solutions systems and integration processes into a comprehensive industrial warehouse design and project plan.

Our approach to warehouse design:

Industrial warehouse designs create logical sequences of operation – from in-bound to out-bound locations, providing a co-ordinated warehouse solution.

Warehouse functions are planned so that each preceding function resembles the previous function as closely as possible. We eliminate traffic cross flow and prevent bottle-necks inside warehouses.

  • We strive for a reduction, as well as unification, of movements throughout your warehouse.
  • Our warehouse designs focus on accessibility – making it easy to store and retrieve items using minimal space.
  • We optimise warehouse designs (warehouse plans) to create the ideal balance between storage space, working space, access space, and office and other utility space.

25 years’ experience in warehouse design:

Over 25 years in the warehouse industry has given us the expertise that goes beyond supplying stock-standard warehouse design and layouts. We take a holistic view at your business objectives and ensure they reflect in every warehouse design we create, no matter how challenging.

We build lasting relationships with each client and help to maintain total supply chain efficiency from a logistical planning, warehouse facility planning and storage design point of view.

Available throughout SA:

We offer this world-class warehouse design and planning throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoriaand Johannesburg