Storage Equipment Products

Storage equipment products from APC Storage Solutions SA enhance your goods management and warehouse flow, maximising storage density for the lowest cost per SKU.

As a holistic provider of intralogistical storage equipment products, APC Storage Solutions SA is a leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of storage systems in South Africa.

Our range of storage equipment products can be supplied individually or as turnkey solutions.

With over 5 000 installed projects to date, APC Storage Solutions SA has the application knowledge and product expertise to provide tailored storage equipment products and solutions for your internal warehouse processes.

This range of storage equipment products includes our specialised range of equipment that goes beyond racking, shelving and warehouse automation supply.

Specialised storage equipment products that address specific storage needs:

Mobile shelving that can used in a wide range of storage environments, from retail, office and commercial spaces to schools, libraries and pharmaceutical applications.

Mezzanine floors that add extra platform levels to your warehouse space that can be used as change rooms, office spaces or as extra storage areas.

Gangways for picking that aloow you to set up extra picking systems above existing storage systems. These are accessed via staircases.

Warehouse management systems that control your automated warehouse machines, ensuring they perform the correct movements in your warehouse.


Mobile Shelving

Movibloc is a compact mobile shelving system that optimises available space and guarantees archived material is kept safe, clean and in good order.  

Mobile Shelving

Gangways for Picking

Gangways for picking provide additional levels to your warehouse, enabling you to store more by taking advantage of your vertical warehouse space!  

Gangways for Picking

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors add more floor space to your warehouse by adding more levels of storage space, allowing you to take advantage of vertical space!  

Mezzanine Floors

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system, Galileo, controls your automated warehouse machines, ensuring they perform the correct movements in your warehouse.

Warehouse Management System

Achieve optimum warehouse efficiency

The most productive warehouses and storage facilities in South Africa have been optimised with our most efficient storage and retrieval systems. This specialised range of storage equipment products make maximum use of all available warehouse space, beyond just the floor space!

These storage equipment products are completely customisable and adaptable to your warehouse space and item management requirements.

Our warehouse design specialists assess your space and storage requirements and then will custom-design a storage equipment solution to achieve your goals, from creating office space above storage equipment to creating a secure lockable system to securely store chemical products.

We supplement our storage equipment products with a range of shelving systems, racking systems, warehouse automation and material handling equipment.


No storage challenge is too big! Contact us today to get a tailored storage solution for your space!

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Leading storage equipment suppliers:

For over 25 years, APC Storage Solutions SA has helped companies across South Africa optimise and refine their warehouse processes with storage equipment products manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our experienced project teams are available to assist with any warehouse storage application! All storage equipment products and solutions are implemented to help our customers maximise return on investment by achieving optimal standard in efficiency.

Storage equipment in SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who design your unique storage equipment products to achieve total warehouse efficiencies.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all storage equipment products throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg