Shelving Systems

Shelving systems from APC Storage Solutions SA provide maximum space efficiency for storing boxes, bins, files and other small to large storage items.

Our range of industrial shelving systems enhance your stock and item management, making office spaces, warehouses, retail and other facilities more organised and space efficient.

Our range of shelving systems is easily customised to a range of working environments, delivering an enhanced level of item and stock management.

All our shelving systems are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, TüV-GS certified and adhere to EN 15512 regulations. All shelving systems are also treated for rust and corrosion.

APC Storage Solutions SA is also the only company in SA to rent its entire range of shelving systems!

We have over 25 years’ experience in customising our shelving systems to conventional or specialised warehouse spaces. Our team will assess your space and design a shelving system to suit your space and storage requirements.

Our shelving systems are recognised internationally for their quality, strength and durability, and come standard with a 10-year quality guarantee and lifetime warranty.

From mobile shelving systems to heavy-duty shelving systems, these world-class storage systems optimise any new or existing space in your warehouse or office.


M7® Light Duty Racking and Shelving

M7® is designed for manual storage and retrieval of medium-sized and heavy items, based on the “man to product” principle.

M7® Light Duty Racking and Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Movibloc is a compact mobile shelving system that optimises available space and guarantees archived material is kept safe, clean and in good order.  

Mobile Shelving

Simplos Shelving

Simplos shelving features metal shelves that can be adjusted to suit any height requirement, ideal for manual storage of light to medium goods.  

Simplos Shelving

M3 Shelving for Picking

The M3 shelving system for picking is ideal for manual storage and picking of medium- to light-weight items.

M3 Shelving for Picking

Slotted-angle Shelving

Completely dismountable, easy to assemble and manoeuvre, slotted-angle shelving is versatile and cost effective.  

Slotted-angle Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is the ideal system for storing large or heavy items using the man-to-goods principal.  

Longspan Shelving

Shelving customised to your space

Our team of engineers, designers and installation specialists ensure that your shelving systems increase your warehouse operational efficiency, from delivery to dispatch.

Our shelving systems are able to maximise your overall storage capacities, whether you are storing heavy-duty items or priceless artwork that requires dust-free seals.

We offer shelving systems for a wide range of applications:

  • Small “picked” goods
  • Large, bulky items
  • Chemical products (medicines, etc.)
  • Valuable items (documents, artwork, etc.)

Our project consultants carefully consider the unique objectives of each storage project, supplying shelving systems that meet even the most detailed specifications.

We supplement our shelving systems with a range of storage equipment products, racking systems, warehouse automation and material handling equipment.


Tell me more about Shelving Systems

Heavy-duty industrial shelving:

APC Storage Solutions SA treats its entire range of steel shelving systems with cataphoresis – a specialised painting and treatment process based on electro-chemical technology.

This protects your shelving system with anti-rust and corrosion treatment that is three times more effective than conventional painting!

Custom-designed steel shelves:

Our range of industrial shelving systems drastically increases storage, handling and preparation efficiency of large items. We custom-design all shelving installations to suit your space and storage requirements.

Our shelving systems are recognised internationally for their quality, strength and durability. This is reflected in an above-industry standard  10-year quality guarantee.

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who design your unique shelving system for optimum efficiencies. We offer world-class installations and servicing of all shelving systems throughout South Africa, providing shelving system services in Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg.