Rental Options

Rent storage equipment from APC Storage Solutions SA!

APC Storage Solutions SA is the only company in South Africa to offer large-scale industrial storage equipment for rent as well as full purchase.

What can be rented?

We offer a range of storage equipment for rent. Renting this equipment has great financial rewards, including: the customer has the option to upgrade the equipment during the contract. This advantage provides the flexibility to change as technology improves, or as the company outgrows the equipment.

Our team of inspection specialists measure all components within your warehouse system: checking rust, corrosion, mechanical damage and metal fatigue. This gives operators and owners total peace-of-mind on the structural integrity of your warehouse, lowering your chances of structure-related accidents. 

This inspection offering also enables our highly experienced team to assess your warehouse layout and guide it to a more streamlined operation where possible.

The biggest benefit to renting your equipment is the increase to your bottom line:

  • Rented equipment is tax deductible. This reduces some of your income tax obligations.
  • Off-balance sheet (OBS) rentals may be structured as operating expenses. This improves gearing ratios and provides an advantage to foreign-owned companies.
  • Rental equipment does not require capital expenditure approvals.
  • No deposit is required, which significantly reduces cash outlay.
  • Monthly rental costs can reduce by using annual escalations of up to 15%, which helps with cash flow.
  • VAT is paid monthly with each rental and is regarded as input VAT, which may be written off against any output VAT collected.

In addition to these financial benefits, when renting our storage equipment our customers have the option to upgrade as and when the technology evolves!


Tell me more about Rental Options

Solutions-based inspections:

After performing a warehouse inspection, APC Storage Solutions SA provides a range of solutions to address exposed warehouse shortcomings. These include warehouse design, warehouse refurbishment, total warehouse logistics planning, and warehouse facility planning.

Planned on-going warehouse inspection helps identify damages to warehousing systems that reduce safe load-carrying capacities.

Continuous warehouse inspections and maintenance grants warehouses systems longer lifespans, better efficiency, and higher safety standards.

Even the slightest bump can cause a delayed collapse. APC Storage Solutions SA, with highly-skilled experts, provides a post-incident investigation service for measuring structural integrity of a system after being damaged and for determining the causes of a collapse.

Available throughout SA:

We offer this world-class warehouse inspection service offering throughout Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including  Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg.