Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse shelving systems from APC Storage Solutions SA combine vertical and horizontal structures that are customised to your working environments and application requirements.

Our warehouse shelving systems offer exceptional mobility, versatility and space efficiency.

All warehouse shelving systems in this range are treated for rust and corrosion, ensuring safer steel shelving systems.

APC Storage Solutions SA offers its range of warehouse shelving systems for full purchase or for rent – fill out the form below to find out more!

Our warehouse shelving systems add organisation and high-density storage to your space, storing lightweight picking items to extremely heavy and long items.

Find the warehouse shelving system for your requirements:

Over 5 000 warehouses in Africa use APC Storage Solutions SA’s range of warehouse shelving, racking and automation systems!


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Rust and corrosion resistant!

APC Storage Solutions SA treats its entire range of warehouse shelving systems with cataphoresis, it is a specialised painting and treatment process based on electro-chemical technology.

The treatment provides anti-rust and corrosion resistance that is three times stronger than conventional painting – ensuring our warehouse shelving system lasts longer than competitor warehouse shelving systems!

  • Rust and corrosion resistant warehouse shelving
  • Fire barrier for shelving with the ignition temperature being over 200° C
  • Precise coverage of the whole shelving surface
  • Covering the most inaccessible areas and provide a uniform coating

Optimise any space with our warehouse shelving systems:

Our warehouse shelving systems optimise, maximise and increase your warehouse storage capacities.

By creating extra storage space for light to medium loads, our warehouse shelving systems ensure storage space is used to the maximum – providing the ideal steel shelving system to increase warehouse productivity and overall efficiency.

10-year guarantee:

All our warehouse shelving and racking products are fully ISO- and safety-accredited, and come with a lifetime warranty and a 10-year guarantee!

Our warehouse shelving systems are manufactured both locally and abroad. Refined manufacturing and exceptional quality standards have allowed us to bring the lifetime warranty to the market – a first in South Africa!

All systems comply with the highest European and American safety regulations, making us the only South African industrial shelving and racking system supplier that complies with most countries’ regulated standards.

Comprehensive aftersales support:

As part of our range of professional services, we provide continuous backup, maintenance and operator training to maximise the benefits of our warehouse shelving systems.

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who assess your unique storage space and goods requirements to design the most efficient warehouse shelving design that will provide maximum operational efficiencies.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all warehouse shelving systems throughout  South Africa, including Cape TownPretoria and Johannesburg.