Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management system, Galileo, controls your automated warehouse machines, ensuring they perform the correct movements in your warehouse.

Warehouse automation increases the efficiency and the management of goods. A fundamental part of these systems is this control system for automated installations, which takes charge of moving the handling devices.

This intelligent, versatile and flexible warehouse management system is easy to use and reduces warehouse costs and reduces human error.

Whether you have a complex or simple, large or small, automatic or manual warehouse, we offer management solutions and software for all types of warehouses.

By installing warehouse management systems you will be able to optimise all movements, processes and operations in your warehouse

Our warehouse management software represents the IT side of your warehouse, deciding which pallets are moved in a particular order, their position in the warehouse, their expiry date, and other established parameters.

Galileo warehouse management system facilitates automated machine movements so that the pallet ends up in the picking position or where it is required!

Our warehouse management system not only memorises where each product has been placed, but also registers the movements which have been made in order to place them there! This adds traceability and repeatability within your warehouse!  


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Sophisticated management systems:

Our Galileo warehouse management system is available in three modules according to your operational requirements:

Designer: used to minimise development and start-up times.

SoftPLC: in charge of enabling the control program and designed to gain the greatest level of flexibility and safety.

StatusMonitor: the module in charge of monitoring the system which affords an excellent level of accessibility and a very precise diagnosis in the case that a problem occurs.


Galileo enables greater efficiency:

Galileo warehouse management system is designed to enable communication between the different handling and preparation machines that make up your installation! In comparison, standard management systems needed to run on several PLCs and had to be individually programmed to communicate with each other.

All the programming is done in GRAFCET (Sequential Functional Chart) language, which permits the movement sequences to be visualised graphically and then to transcribe them to orders which are automated in the installation.

With the old systems it was necessary to program both the PLC and the industrial automation software (SCADA) while Galileo is programmed only once and in the same location.

Available throughout SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who install your warehouse management system according to your warehouse design specifications. We offer this world-class warehouse management system throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg. Services are also available across the border.