Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management software grants operators complete control of warehouse operations.

This intelligent, versatile and flexible software system helps operators simplify and optimise warehouse management.

Whether you have a complex or simple, large or small, automatic or manual warehouse, we offer software solutions for all types of warehouses.

With our warehouse management software, you can control:

  • Reception of goods
  • All storage tasks
  • Preparation of orders and dispatching processes

By installing warehouse management software you will be able to optimise all movements, processes and operations in your warehouse. This will lead to cost saving and a better quality of your service.

As SA’s leading turnkey warehouse storage solutions provider, we offer customers both warehouse management software and warehouse management systems!

Our warehouse management software (WMS) represents the IT side of your warehouse, deciding which pallets are to be moved in a particular order, their position in the warehouse, inventory expiry date, and other established parameters.

Our warehouse management system, Galileo, controls automated machines, ensuring they perform the correct movements in your warehouse.

  • Optimise warehouse staff requirements for higher productivity
  • 99% reduced picking errors throughout your warehouse
  • Lower cost per pick for low total cost of ownership
  • User-friendly software operation
  • Adapt the software to suit various or very specialised tasks
  • Full user training, support and backup


Tell me more about Warehouse Management Software

World-class software solution:

Our warehouse management software integrates the storage and distribution functions of your warehouse.

Together with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, our warehouse management software manages and governs all operations in your warehouse.

Built on modern client-server architecture, our warehouse management software system relies on WiFi-based RF terminals to relay data to the software server. This links with PC workstations, label and report printers.

Our warehouse management software ideally interfaces with our range of automated warehouse solutions.

Enabling a more efficient warehouse:

By implementing our warehouse management software and Galileo control system, you are one step closer to making your warehouse operations more efficient and profitable.

  • Up to 40% improved use of space
  • Up to 30% fewer maintenance requirements
  • Up to 30% improved productivity for order picking processes
  • Up to 25% fewer product returns to customers
  • Up to 30% fewer handling operations
  • Up to 40% lower stock costs
  • Up to 99% elimination of errors

Available throughout SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA’s world-class storage experts install your warehouse management software according to your warehouse design specifications.

We offer this world-class warehouse management system in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg.