Warehouse Management Consultants

Warehouse management consultants in South Africa are offered by APC Storage Solutions SA: SA’s leading intralogistical warehouse equipment supplier.

Distributors and installers of world-leading warehouse equipment, APC Storage Solutions SA has the expertise, experience and partnerships to provide authenticated warehouse management consultants to help optimise your warehouse or storage facilities.

With 25 years’ experience, our warehouse management consultants offer the following services:

  • Warehouse design and planning
  • Warehouse facility optimisation
  • Warehouse inspection services

All of these combine to provide our customers with holistic warehouse management consulting services, in addition to the APC Storage Solutions SA’s comprehensive product and service offering.

Our warehouse management consultants discuss various storage options with customers, bringing our 25 years’ industry experience and knowledge into providing the best warehouse storage solutions for your application!

Warehouse management consultant benefits:

  • Appropriate design helps maximise storage densities and operational efficiencies
  • Ensures regulatory, safety and other necessary compliance and certifications
  • Future needs, including possible expansion, are taken into consideration
  • Timeous and economic movement of goods helps reduce bottom line
  • Automation and automated considerations can be incorporated or planned for


Tell me more about Warehouse Management Consultants

 Our warehouse management consultants services:

Warehouse design, layout & plans: Innovative warehouse designs that enable extreme storage densities, future expansion plans and cost-saving operational efficiencies, with a focus on accessibility. Our designs can help maintain total supply chain efficiency from logistical planning to warehouse facility planning and storage design.

Logistical planning, warehouse logistics, industrial logistics: Allows warehouse flexibility to accommodate growth and supply chain changes. Complex formulas are used to document and analyse unique industrial logistical requirements. Warehouse automation configuration is planned for properly, and the overall aim is to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Warehouse facility planning, design & layout: To achieve enhanced storage and retrieval processes, we help customers achieve meticulously planned storage facilities to achieve customers’ unique objectives. Factors such as lighting, health & safety, warehouse space including commercial and office space, cafeterias, ablution facilities and site security, among others, are taken into account.

Warehouse inspection services: State of the art software technology is used to map warehouse facilities to improve safety, capacity and efficiency. Our inspection services comprise analysis of structural integrity, material strength, warehouse layout, operating procedure and third party supplier controls. Engineering assessments and floor surface inspections are included.

Warehouse installation services: A service offering that includes installation, reconfiguration and relocation services. Optimal storage system performance and safety are achieved by including EN 15635: 2008 specifications into our racking, shelving and automated storage systems assembly and installation. All automation and automated equipment is installed and configured to OEM specifications

Leaders in Africa’s warehouse solutions:

APC Storage Solutions SA offers a range of forklifts, industrial warehouse systems and automation systems throughout South Africa.

With offices in Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg APC Storage Solutions SA is optimising storage space, warehouse flow and operator performance with its extensive range of solutions.