Warehouse Logistics

Turn your warehouse into an optimised high capacity nerve centre, with our warehouse logistics, logistical planning and industrial logistics solutions. 

Our aim is to build flexibility into all our warehouse logistics planning – accommodating for future growth and changes in your supply chain. Our warehouse logistics planning experts use complex and tested formulas to document and analyse your unique industrial logistics planning needs.   Logistics planning configures your warehouse automation for item input and output for enhanced handling of logistics.

Key benefits of our warehouse logistics planning:

  • Save on fuel and other transport-related costs
  • Avoid bottle-necking your supply chain
  • Optimise for future growth
  • Achieve maximum operational efficiency 


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How warehouse logistics planning works

Warehouse logistics, logistics planning and industrial logistics from APC Storage Solutions SA take into consideration the following factors: 

  • Location of supplier
  • Location of customers
  • Access road types and road conditions
  • Availability and cost of land
  • Toll roads
  • Types of transport needed
  • Peak time in & out bound traffic
  • Warehouse facility specifications

Warehouse logistics planning – the overall objective

The overall goal of a good warehouse logistics (warehousing logistics) scenario is to move goods to and from various points timeously and economically. Whether suppliers are across the road or require long-distance logistics planning and route mapping, the positioning of entry and exit points is just as important as your warehouse’s location. Our industrial logistics and warehouse logistics planning services encompass total supply chain dynamics – down to a warehouse’s inner operations.

Warehouse logistics planning (industrial logistics) also helps our customers to identify what storage systems are necessary within actual warehouses. Together with warehouse logistics planning services, APC Storage Solutions SA offers world-class warehouse designs through its subsidiary APC Consult. For turnkey warehousing logistics and storage operations, APC Storage Solutions SA expertly integrates warehouse logistics planning with storage systems designs – providing high-performance, economical and efficient supply chain and warehouse management.

As a leading warehouse logistics planning company in South Africa and across Africa, APC Storage Solutions SA is the solution to completing turnkey industrial logistics and storage solutions within timelines and budgets, while meeting every specified deliverable. On this basis, we develop long-term relationships with our customers – continually optimising and improving on initial warehouse logistics planning.

APC Storage Solutions SA’s warehouse logistics planning experts are experienced in:

  • Logistics planning for the manufacturing sector
  •  Logistics planning and optimisation towards lean manufacturing
  • Precision logistics planning for just-in-time manufacturing
  • Industrial logistics planning for heavy industry (such as mining, petrochemical etc.)

Our warehouse logistics planning experts are familiar with warehouse logistics planning and location plotting across South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg

All network and warehouse logistics planning is in accordance with European-standard accreditations.