Steel Shelving

Steel shelving systems that offer exceptional mobility and endless customisation possibilities are the ideal solution for any warehousing space! Steel shelving systems from APC Storage Solutions SA provide these possibilities.

Increase the storage capacity of your existing space with our steel shelving solutions! Even in the smallest of spaces, our specialised storage systems can double your storage capacity by eliminating aisles (Movibloc mobile shelving) or taking advantage of available vertical space (mezzanine storage).

Our steel shelving systems offer endless storage possibilities for manual storage and picking of light to heavy-duty goods.

Our steel shelving systems include:


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Double-volume storage:

Thanks to high-strength steel shelving designs and fully compliant manufacturing processes, our steel shelving systems can be configured to offer double the storage volume using the same floor space.

Pickers can access higher steel shelving levels with mezzanine levels and gangway systems.

Steel shelving vs. steel racking systems:

APC Storage Solutions SA’s steel shelving is used mostly for storing hand picking items, while racking systems are better suited to palletised storage – handled by forklifts and pallet jacks.

As a total warehouse and storage solutions provider, we’ll gladly help specify your unique steel shelving requirements.

Scientifically developed steel shelving technology:

APC Storage Solutions SA’s technology partner, Mecalux, spends millions of Euros on research and development each year to improve steel shelving designs.

This means that our steel shelving installations enjoy the benefit of fully tested and scientifically developed patented technology, including anti-rust, exceptional strength and advanced safety technologies.

Single-source supply:

As a total warehouse solutions company with over 25 years of acquired application knowledge and experience, APC Storage Solutions SA designs, manufactures, installs and commissions steel shelving systems to precisely match your requirements.

Based on the latest-generation structural designs, we guarantee all steel shelving for 10 years. A lifetime warranty option is also available to ensure your steel shelving systems deliver maximum service.

Comprehensive aftersales support:

As part of our range of professional services, we provide continuous backup, maintenance and operator training to maximise the benefits of our steel shelving systems.

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who assess your unique storage space and goods requirements to design steel shelving systems that will provide maximum operational efficiencies.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all storage systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownPretoria and Johannesburg.