Stacker Cranes for Pallets

Stacker cranes for pallets are designed to raise, transport, deposit and retrieve your pallets in a completely autonomous fashion, allowing you to maximise your storage space efficiency.

Our compact designs help you reduce aisle space, while reliable and efficient automation technologies reduce overall handling times, the easiest way to boost your supply chain’s performance.

By automatically retrieving pallets – from racking systems up to 40 metres high – our stacker cranes increase warehouse productivity, eliminate handling errors and help operators keep permanent inventory.

This automated warehouse solution is ideal for cold storage facilities, food and beverage warehouses, chemical storage and the automotive industry.

  • Automation of all product entry and exit operations
  • Controls and updates inventory
  • Eliminates manual management errors
  • Suitable for freezing temperatures (-30° C) or extreme humidity
  • European-engineered automated system
  • Safer warehouse operation with automated warehouse system
  • Denser warehousing operations


Tell me more about Stacker Cranes for Pallets

Automated stacker cranes:

Stacker cranes for pallets are handling machines designed for the automated storage and retrieval of palleted inventories. They travel along the aisles of the warehouse from where they enter, position and extract palleted goods. Stacker cranes are guided by a warehouse management software system that coordinates all the activities.

They perform longitudinal, vertical and transversal movements with world-class mechanical drive components, including vector-controlled frequency convertors for movement, and laser telemeters and PCs or PLCs for precise positioning control. 

Operating modes:

Stacker cranes for pallets feature three operating modes:

Automated: commands are sent through a communication protocol from the transport management computer.

Semi-automated: this mode is used for carrying out support functions.

Manual: all parts of the stacker crane are accessed with restrictions in order to carry out maintenance and repair work.

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who assess your unique warehouse requirements and offer warehouse automation solutions accordingly.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all automated warehouse solutions in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg

10-year guarantee:

APC Storage Solutions SA provides a full 10-year guarantee and lifetime warranty on all warehouse automation installations.

Read more about this guarantee offering here.