Slotted-angle Shelving

Slotted-angle shelving is easy to assemble and move around your warehouse, for slow or rapid turnaround storage requirements!

All slotted-angle shelves are completely dismountable and can be configured to suit your storage requirements, modified or expanded to your length or height requirements.

This shelving system also requires no tools to reconfigure and can be altered to suit your space!

Slotted-angle shelves are designed for both small- and large-scale storage, and are ideal for manual storage of light or heavy loads.

Why use slotted-angle shelving?

  • Multi-purpose shelving for light to heavy items
  • Smart, attractive design – ideal for office spaces
  • Modular design that can be extended to suit your height, length, width or weight requirements
  • No tools required to customise systems
  • Ideal for both small- and large-scale storage requirements

APC Storage Solutions SA is also the only industrial shelving supplier in SA to rent its entire range of shelving systems! Read more about our rental offering.


Tell me more about Slotted-angle Shelving


Designed for any space:

Slotted-angle shelving is extremely versatile and is an easy-to-assemble storage system, adapting to all storage needs and space requirements.

Profiles: available in a variety of profiles for different loads, with the pitch between slots at 25 mm.

Shelves: manufactured in cold-rolled steel plates of the highest quality. Its different sizes allow various combinations to suit your application.


Rust and corrosion resistant:

APC Storage Solutions SA treats its entire range of steel shelving systems with cataphoresis. Cataphoresis is a specialised painting and treatment process based on electro-chemical technology.

It provides anti-rust and corrosion treatment that is three times stronger than conventional painting!

Our range of industrial shelving drastically increases storage, handling and preparation efficiency of large items and are customised to your space requirements!


Easy to assemble and manoeuvre:

Slotted-angle shelving requires no tools to mount or dismount and is completely customisable to your space and storage requirements.

10-year guarantee:

APC Storage Solutions SA provides a full 10-year guarantee and lifetime warranty on all slotted-angle shelving installations.

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who custom design your unique warehouse shelving system for optimum flow and storage capacities. We offer world-class installations and servicing of all shelving systems in South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg