Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back pallet racking provides a highly efficient solution for last-in, first-out storage applications.

The push back racking system allows different item types to be stored within the same bay by using connected carts that glide along rails.

These rails are built at an incline, allowing all stored items to naturally gravitate toward the access aisle when the item in front is lifted off the system.

This storage system is ideal for high-capacity storage of items where high rotation is not essential.

In medium turnover warehouses with two or more pallets per SKU, operators can maximise storage densities by eliminating aisle space. 

As forklifts don’t need to enter the racking aisle, pallet handling is faster and the chance of forklift accidents is reduced.

  • Each level can be used to store a different SKU – up to four pallets per row
  • Maximise storage density of your available space
  • Centralisers, stops and blocking devices allow easy pallet loading and unloading
  • Simple installation
  • Customised to your space and storage requirements

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How the system works

Push back pallet racking is an accumulative storage system that allows you to store up to four pallets per level.

All of the pallets of each level, except the top one, are placed on a set of trolleys that are pushed along rolling rails.

A versatile system

This storage system supports a different item for each storage channel, enabling product diversification.

  • Can store up to 4 pallets deep
  • Load capacities per trolley up to 1 500 kg
  • Designed for extreme temperatures from -30° to 40° C

Safer and more efficient storage

Push-back racks comply with international regulations in force, ensuring their durability, stability and strength.

The pallet centralisers, stops, locking devices and other elements allow loading and unloading manoeuvres to be performed easily and safely.

Since forklifts do not circulate within the storage aisles, possible blows to the racking structure can be avoided, and overall installation safety increased.

Available throughout SA

APC Storage Solutions SA’s specialist storage experts custom design your push back storage racking solution for optimum warehousing.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of industrial racking systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg