Picking Systems

We offer a range of picking systems that are designed to store individual boxes or single products. These picking systems are ideal for goods which are stored or retrieved manually.

We also provide a range of warehouse accessories that include specialised boxes, labels and storage lockers that make your picking system more ordered, organised and efficient.

New innovation in picking systems!

APC Storage Solutions SA has recently introduced the new Pick to Light and Put to Light system to South Africa. This innovative system automates the picking process to ensure less downtime and improved material picking and placing. 

Create order with our picking systems:

  • Ideal for both man-to-goods and goods-to-man principle
  • Suitable for all “picked” items, from valuable documents to large, long items
  • Ideal for any warehouse, office or retail space

We also offer a specialised gangway for picking systems that enable double or triple picking capacities by installing additional picking levels directly on top of each other!

APC Storage Solutions SA has 25 years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining picking systems throughout South Africa.


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Mobile Shelving

Movibloc is a compact mobile shelving system that optimises available space and guarantees archived material is kept safe, clean and in good order.

M3 Shelving for Picking

The M3 shelving system for picking is ideal for manual storage and picking of medium- to light-weight item.

Simplos Shelving

Simplos shelving features metal shelves that can be adjusted to suit any height requirement, ideal for manual storage of light- to medium-sized goods.

Slotted-angle Shelving

Slotted angle shelving is completely dismountable, easy to assemble and manoeuvre, slotted-angle shelving is versatile and cost effective.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is the ideal picking system for large or heavy items using the man-to-goods principal.

M7 Light-duty Shelving

M7 light duty shelving is designed for manual storage and retrieval of medium-sized and heavy items based on the “man to product” principle.

Pick & Put to Light Systems

Pick & Put to Light Systems utilise conveyor technology and visual displays to automate traditional picking processes for high picking speeds and low error rates.

Available throughout SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who install your picking systems according to your design specifications.

We offer picking systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg