Pallet Racking

Pallet racking from APC Storage Solutions SA – the most efficient way to store full- and semi-palletised loads in your warehouse.

With a constant stock holding of up to 8 000 pallet racking positions, APC Storage Solutions SA offers shorter lead times from order to installation, separating us from other pallet racking suppliers.  

All of our pallet racking systems are fully certified for maximum safety and are highly corrosion- and rust-resistant, making them ideal for FMCG, cold storage and other environments.

Backed by over 25 years’ experience, our pallet racking is available with a life-time warranty and a 10-year guarantee.

APC Storage Solutions SA is also the only racking supplier in SA to offer its range of pallet racking systems for rent! Read more about our rental offering.

This extensive range of pallet racking is designed for the light, medium and heavy-duty storage of conventional pallets, often comprising numerous types of pallet racking systems to allow for versatility and maximum storage efficiency within minimum spaces.

Our pallet racking range includes:

Over 5 000 warehouses in Africa use our storage systems to increase their operational efficiency! 


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Complete pallet racking systems:

Our pallet racking solutions are designed for light-, medium- and heavy-duty storage of pallets.

Our pallet racking systems often comprise numerous types of pallet racks to allow for versatility and maximum storage efficiency.

Depending on item size and weight, we fully integrate pallet racking systems with shelving systems to create a facility that can handle both pallets and smaller boxes – making the most out of available square meterage.

For handling pallets inside racking systems, we supply a complete range of forklifts for warehousing. Pallet racking systems can also be fully automated with our range of automated warehouse solutions.

Designing a warehouse pallet racking system:

All pallet racking systems are designed to ensure the most dense storage system possible, making use of all available space while securely storing your pallets.

Our design considerations for your pallet racking systems:

  • Maximum operational efficiency with minimal traffic crossflow between storage racks
  • Long-term economic viability of entire pallet racking systems

Comprehensive aftersales support:

As part of our range of professional services, we provide continuous backup, maintenance and operator training to maximise the benefits of our pallet racking storage systems.

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage system experts who assess your unique storage space and goods requirements to develop tailored palletised warehouse racks that will provide maximum operational efficiencies.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all storage systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg

Professional services for your pallet racking system:

More than just a warehouse equipment supplier, we offer a range of expert services to ensure your pallet racking system is designed to increase your warehouse flow and efficiency.

These services include:

  • Warehouse design and planning
  • Warehouse facility optimisation
  • Warehouse inspection services

Single-source supply:

As a total warehouse solutions company with over 25 years of acquired application knowledge and experience, APC Storage Solutions SA designs, manufactures, installs and commissions pallet racking systems to precisely match your requirements.

10-year guarantee and lifetime warranty!

APC Storage Solutions SA’s range of pallet racking systems is available with a standard lifetime warranty and 10-year guarantee. Read more about this here.