Modular Safety Enclosures

Protect your automated warehouse installations and cordon-off hazardous areas with a range of modular safety enclosures from APC Storage Solutions SA

By creating a “safe space” with these enclosures you are able to protect your warehouse automation investment, goods and also safeguard staff.

These modular safety enclosures are ideal for hazardous areas, control and maintenance areas, chemical product storage and to separate manufacturing zones with heavy machinery zones.

These enclosures are modular in construction and can accommodate practically any shape, size or space.

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective protection
  • Top-grade steel provides strength and durability
  • Modular designs allow for adjustment
  • Separate and demarcate warehouse areas



Tell me more about Modular Safety Enclosures

Adaptable and flexible:

Modular safety enclosures can be supplied in mesh panels in various lengths and pillar heights.

We also offer double or single access gates, sliding doors, opaque zones, mesh zones, irregular-shaped perimeters and mobile features for specialised applications.

This allows for extreme versatility and flexibility in your warehouse.

Safety zone accessories:

  • Anti-panic alarms: for installations where immediate evacuation is required
  • Push-pads:  a smartly designed opening, closing  and locking mechanism
  • Plastic finishes: these are easily customised and adjusted for unique requirements
  • Power-off switch: this enables the electricity supply to be cut if a door or access gate is opened

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who design your storage solution for optimum warehousing. We offer world-class installations and servicing of all our warehouse equipment products and accessories throughout South Africa, including Cape Town,  DurbanPretoria and Johannesburg