Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving, Movibloc, is a bulk filing system that optimises available space and guarantees archived material is kept safe, clean and in good order.

Our mobile shelving system creates high-density, secure and organised storage solutions for offices, libraries, archives, laboratories and commercial environments.

With custom-sized lockers sliding along mobile bases, Movibloc mobile shelving eliminates wasted aisle space so you can increase the space reserved for storage!

Our mobile shelving systems are able to multiply your storage capacity. 

The Movibloc mobile shelving system stores your inventory in half the space required by conventional filing cabinets.

  • Save on space – potentially double your storage capacity
  • Protect your items – a sealed block when shut, mobile shelving keeps the dust out!
  • Versatile shelving – 25-mm level intervals ensure you get the right-sized shelf
  • Easily classify your articles with a range of filing accessories
  • Security locks ensure access to your mobile shelving is restricted to authorised personnel
  • Over 50 quality finishes ensure your mobile shelving system always matches its environment


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Save space with mobile shelving:

Movibloc mobile shelving consists of attractive shelves or lockers that are mounted on mobile bases that slide along set rails. These rails are attached directly to levelled flooring, with no additional building required! This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated, drastically increasing your storage capacity.

Stores items of different shapes and sizes!

Our mobile shelving systems are completely customisable to your space. This means that you can store single documents in suspended files and large artwork in the same shelving system.

Mobile shelving is suitable for any space!

Movibloc mobile shelving creates a space-sensitive, dust-free storage system that meets a number of storage requirements.

Use Movibloc mobile shelving in:

  • Offices (from law firms to financial institutions)
  • Pharmacies and laboratories
  • Galleries and museums (suitable for hanging artwork)
  • Educational facilities and libraries

Manual or mechanical systems:

Our mobile shelving systems are supplied as either manual mobile shelving systems or mechanical mobile shelving systems.

Manual mobile shelving system: a cost-effective solution for archives containing lighter-weight loads. Each locker is fitted with handles that allow it be pulled from side to side as required.

Mechanical mobile shelving system: movement is transmitted to the drive wheels by a practical crank wheel, and a set of cogwheels and chains. This enables locker movement with minimum effort.

Mobile shelving accessories:

Movibloc mobile shelving is available with a range of accessories that extend their versatility and storing possibilities:

  • Vertical & book dividers
  • Lateral & front retainers
  • Suspended file sets
  • Garment rail sets
  • Storage boxes
  • Card indexing
  • Mesh back panels
  • Trays and bins

Finishes to suit your space:

Our mobile shelving systems are available with high-end, attractive finishes that make them suit the aesthetics of a wide range of spaces, from laboratories to law firms!

Mobile shelving with over 50 high-end finishes!

  • Grey panels
  • 24 shades of melamine
  • 32 shades of moisture-resistant panel board systems

Mobile shelving throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage equipment experts who custom design your unique mobile shelving system for optimum flow and storage capacities. We also take the designs of your space into consideration. This means you not only get an efficient storage solution - but an attractive one, too!

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all mobile shelving systems in South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg