Mobile Racking

Our mobile racking system (Movirack®) enables large-scale storage on mobile shelving units, eliminating aisles and increasing storage capabilities by 80 to 120%.

Ideal for cold storage, refrigeration and freezers, our mobile racking is also designed for palletised product storage and warehouses with cantilevers that require storage for sheets, reels and large or irregularly sized products.

Movirack® mobile racking is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TüV-GS certified, and is rust and corrosion resistant.

With Movirack® the mobile racking units are installed over guided mobile bases that slide laterally, eliminating the need for aisles, which open up only when access is required.  

Mobile racking systems effectively transform aisle space to storage space but still gives you direct pallet access!

  • Ideal for conventional and cold storage
  • Drastically increase storage space
  • Direct access to every pallet
  • Motorised aisles that open when required
  • Suitable for solid or liquid storage
  • Ideal for new or existing warehouses
  • All mobile racking is treated for rust and corrosion

APC Storage Solutions SA is the only warehouse racking supplier in SA that rents its range of mobile racking equipment! 


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Enabling warehouse automation:

The Movirack® mobile racking system is an important part of modern, automated warehouses. The system can be combined with stacker cranes for boxes or pallets and material handling solutions to enable highly-efficient automated warehouse solutions.

Optimise even the busiest warehouse with our mobile racking system, a cost-effective alternative to acquiring additional warehouse space, practically doubling warehouse storage capacities.

Mobile racking can be automatically controlled and integrated with our warehouse management systems.

Eliminate wasted aisle space:

Mobile racking significantly increases available storage space by eliminating the need to reserve space for access aisles.

How our mobile racking systems operate:

The steel shelving units are installed over guided mobile bases that slide laterally, and grant access to the specified row or bay only.

To access stored items, simply press a button to open the aisle spacing large enough for material handling equipment to retrieve the load.

Mobile racking accessories:

Movirack® mobile racking is equipped with motors, displacement devices, electronics and a number of security systems for safer and more efficient operation.

  • Remote control operation
  • Safety devices
  • Interior and exterior safety barrier
  • Emergency and safety buttons

Ideal for cold storage:

Movirack® mobile racking is ideal for low- or medium-height refrigerated or freezer storerooms:

  • Fewer aisles results in more storage and less space – ideal for cold storage energy requirements
  • optimised air circulation
  • Compact system (quick ROI)
  • Direct pallet access 

Rust and corrosion resistant:

APC Storage Solutions SA treats its entire range of racking systems, including this range of mobile racking, with cataphoresis.

Cataphoresis is a specialised painting and treatment process that provides anti-rust and corrosion resistance that is three times more durable’ than conventional painting! 

Mobile racking lighting:

Mobile racking is available with built-in lighting systems that illuminate only the opened aisles, saving on energy expenses.

Working with the main control cabinet, lights are turned on and off automatically – as part of the automated warehouse solution.

Available throughout SA:

As South Africa’s trusted supplier of industrial racking systems for over 25 years, APC Storage Solutions SA expertly designs solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements. We offer world-class installations and servicing of industrial racking systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg