Gangways for Picking

Gangways for picking from APC Storage Solutions SA provide access to otherwise unreachable racking heights, allowing storage operators to make full use of the storage space available to them.

Gangways for picking provide additional levels to your warehouse, enabling you to store more by taking advantage of your vertical warehouse space!

Gangways for picking can be installed at one or several heights, forming elevated storage platforms from which goods can be picked from without the need for a forklift or any other material handling equipment.


We offer a range of accessories can be added to gangways, including: drawers and separators, side meshes, hangers, handrails, cross-ties and reinforcements. These secure gangway levels are accessed via stairways.

  • Secure storage at height
  • Accessed via staircases
  • Landing zones between levels
  • Access storage heights without forklifts
  • Tailored to your space and storage needs
  • Range of flooring options available


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Gangway floor types:

Wooden flooring: interconnecting chipboards that are assembled with an interlocking system to produce solid and secure flooring. Additional wooden flooring options:

  • High-density fibre sheets (providing fire resistance)
  • 38 mm-thick chipboard with melamine finishes (reducing the change of slippages)

Metal flooring: for high load capacities. Variations in the intensity of slotted surfaces allow for the needs of ventilation or water piping systems.

Metal flooring options:

  • Slotted panels
  • Perforated panels
  • Striate metal
  • Grilled metal

Designed for your application:

We assemble your gangway system according to the characteristics of your warehouse and picking operation, for maximum storage and ergonomic efficiency.

There are numerous possibilities for the location of access stairways. Access to these gangways can be from the front or side.

Front access stairways can be placed in the centre of a racking installation or they can fit directly between two racks.

Side access stairways can be positioned to lead directly to the gangway system or they can lead to a consolidation area for picking orders.

Gangways for picking can also be combined with mezzanine floors which can be used for storing more bulky products or as a working area.

Available throughout SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who install your Gangway systems according to your design specifications. We offer Gangway systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg.