Drive-in / Drive-through Pallet Racking

Drive-in pallet racking eliminates aisle spaces between shelves and allows forklifts easy access to pallets.

Drive-in and drive-through pallet racking is ideal for storing loads of the same size, shape and weight.

This pallet racking system transforms floor and vertical space into a high-capacity storage area for items with low rotation.

Our range of pallet racking, industrial shelving and warehouse automation products drastically increase storage, handling and preparation efficiency of small to large items and are customised to your space requirements!

With this efficient racking system, low-rotation loads of the same size are palletised and loaded onto the steel racks.

Warehouse operators only need to drive in with a forklift to retrieve the load, reducing human handling errors! View our range of material handling solutions that complement this range of drive-in pallet racking.

  • Maximum utilisation of available space
  • Removes wasted aisle spaces between racks
  • Safe and user-friendly racking operation
  • Durable racking designs with high-strength rack bracing
  • Customised racking specifications for any warehouse needs
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for both FIFO (first-in, first-out) and LIFO (last-in, first-out) operations


Tell me more about Drive-in / Drive-through Pallet Racking

Designed for optimal operation

Drive-in racking systems form inner racking units with pallet support rails.

Forklift trucks enter these inner aisles, holding loads higher than the level at which items are stored for easy access and movement.

Loading aisles feature support rails on either side. These greatly enhance stability and increase weight tolerances.

Drive-in vs drive-through racking

Drive-in racking: much like a warehouse depot, drive-in racking units have one access aisle for both loading and unloading.

Drive-through racking: these racking units are used as a controlling warehouse by featuring two load access points – one on each side. With this system it is possible to control differences between manufacturing and dispatch production phases and loading bays.

Customised to your space

Conventional pallet racking and drive-in racking systems are often combined into a single racking system in order to maximise your storage capacities.

Drive-in pallet racking can be designed with VNA (very narrow aisle) arrangements for extreme storage densities.

APC Storage Solutions SA will tailor these racking systems to suit your warehouse or storage space. 

Available throughout SA

As South Africa’s trusted supplier of industrial racking systems for over 25 years, APC Storage Solutions SA expertly designs solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of industrial racking systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg