Conveyors for Pallets

Conveyors for pallets, when integrated with automated warehouse systems, help warehouses with high throughputs and large travelling distances achieve optimal speed and efficiency.

Conveyors for pallets enable fully automated palletised product handling. This range of standardised and low-cost conveyors is ideal for any warehouse or factory where different work stations require connections.

While occupying minimal floor space, conveyors for pallets automatically move, accumulate, and distribute stored items to specific locations within your warehouse. They achieve this by using a series of conveyor components that are controlled by an advanced warehouse management system.

Pallet conveyors deliver massive enhancements to warehouse automation with quick and precise pallet transit.

We offer various conveyor designs to ensure we have a system suited to your space, storage and pallet placement requirements. View these extensive design modifications below.

  • Suitable for half- and full-sized pallets
  • Effortless pallet moving throughout your warehouse
  • Automated warehousing means lower staff requirements
  • 24/7 operation, 365 days a year
  • Wide range of devices for conveying palletised loads
  • Standard measurements for any warehouse
  • Reduced handling errors


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Conveyors to suit your pallets:

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors move pallets in the same direction as pallet runners. Due to the simplicity of this system and the range of sizes available, they provide excellent reliability in all working environments.

Cross transfer sections

Available in either roller or chain variations, these conveyors are ideal for multiple changes in direction.

Automated vehicle loading

This system is often integrated with automated warehouse conveyors for pallets, allowing for autonomous pallet handling from entrance to exit with chain conveyors. This reduces the number of personnel needed while allowing for massive handling capacities.

Conveyors for half pallets

These systems move objects of 600 mm x 800 mm without the risk of slipping through gaps between rollers, while allowing for two half pallets to be transported in parallel.

Pallet stackers/un-stackers

These bring advanced empty pallet handling techniques to automated warehouses by being able to lift and make up sets while rejecting damaged pallets.

Layer pickers

These are designed to organise whole layers of load units independently, depositing them on top of other pallets to be sent to dispatch areas.

Pallet lifts

These allow load units to be re-circulated through different levels. Combined with a roller conveyor, roller lift conveyors perform 90° transfers and deliver higher system performance.

Turntable conveyors

These components allow pallets to be positioned at any angle with respect to the direction of entry.

Chain conveyors

These components complement roller conveyors and are designed to move pallets transversely to their runners. They enable objects to be turned at 90° or 180°, facilitating the formation of space-saving circular systems.

Shuttle cars

These components can move multiple loads crosswise with neatly embedded tracks on the floor – offering greater performance.

Ground-level roller conveyors for pallets

These help pallets to enter into the conveyor system from manual pallet trucks.

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