Conveyors for Boxes

Conveyors for boxes helps speed up your supply chain and enable cost-cutting efficiencies using high-grade warehouse automation technology.

Conveyors for boxes decrease box handling time between various areas of your warehouse, from delivery to holding to dispatch.

This range of standardised, low-cost conveyors is ideal for any warehouse or factory where different work stations require connection.

The robust, low maintenance system is designed to withstand daily warehouse operations while increasing your overall warehouse efficiencies. 

Designed for any warehouse, big or small, this range of conveyors for boxes is completely scalable. APC Storage Solutions SA puts warehouse safety first and has equipped this range of conveyors for boxes with a range of hydraulic safety systems.

We offer various conveyor designs to ensure we have a system suited to your space, storage and box placement requirements. 

  • Lower cost per pick
  • Scalable designs
  • Safe and user-friendly system operation
  • Reliable and low-maintenance designs
  • Low total cost of ownership


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Advanced conveyor components:

Conveyors for boxes are assembled using a range of tried-and-tested components. We configure these components to meet your specific warehousing requirements, using the most advanced warehouse design principles available.

Position measuring devices: lasers and encoders use sophisticated technologies to measure the exact positioning of moving items.

Systems for changing aisles: to avoid having to place a stacker crane in each aisle, our transfer bridges enable light loads to be moved from one aisle to another. This component is ideal for high-capacity warehouses where turnover speeds are low.

Warehouse management systems: our warehouse management systems automate movements by calculating the locations of items. This technology offers warehouses accuracy and efficiency by performing tasks quickly.

Conveyor safety mechanisms:

APC Storage Solutions SA puts warehouse safety first and has equipped this range of conveyors for boxes with a range of hydraulic safety systems:

  • Hydraulic buffers (at floor levels and at the end of aisle spaces) calculate and absorb the full impact of loads moving at speed
  • Emergency circuits
  • Magnetothermic protection and thermal probe motors
  • Current limiters for electric motors
  • End stops for lifting, driving and monitoring speeds
  • Emergency stop areas at aisle ends
  • Touch-sensitive photocells detect empty storage spaces

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who assess your unique warehouse requirements and offer warehouse automation solutions accordingly.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of all automated warehouse solutions in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg

10-year guarantee:

APC Storage Solutions SA provides a full 10-year guarantee and lifetime warranty on all warehouse automation installations.

Read more about this guarantee offering here.