Conventional Pallet Racking

Conventional pallet racking systems from APC Storage Solutions SA are ideal for storing loads of varying sizes, shapes and weights on the same rack.

This versatile racking system provides direct item access without having to move other stored items for easy, safe and cost-effective warehouse storage.

This conventional pallet racking system is the most universal storage system available that provides direct and single access to every pallet in your warehouse! It also provides total stock control as each space is occupied by a palletised load.

Our range of pallet racking, industrial shelving and warehouse automation products drastically increase storage, handling and preparation efficiency of small to large items and are customised to your space requirements!

With over 8 000 conventional pallet racking positions in stock, we are able to deliver customised racking systems to your warehouse in record time.

APC Storage Solutions SA is also the only racking supplier in SA to rent its conventional pallet racking systems!

  • Ideal for items with high, medium or low rotation
  • Direct access to stored items
  • Durable pallet racking designs
  • Double-deep pallet racks available
  • Customised to your space requirements
  • Safe and user-friendly racking operation
  • Low maintenance racking system


Tell me more about Conventional Pallet Racking

Conventional pallet racking systems

Conventional pallet racking systems are manufactured using graded and treated steel to provide advanced structural rigidity.

Conventional pallet racking is often combined with picking shelves, manual storage and small-scale storage systems. However, it also functions well as a stand-alone racking installation. 

Versatile storage system

In order to store a greater number of pallets, we offer double-deep pallet racks that allow one pallet to be stored in front of each other on either side of the aisle.

Our conventional pallet racking can be combined with a range of accessories and manual picking shelves to store virtually any load!

Forklifts for conventional pallet racking

As conventional pallet racking stores half- and single-pallet sizes as well as double-deep pallets, we offer a range of forklifts that fit between racks to securely retrieve and place loads. View our material handling solutions.

By double stacking pallets you can improve your storage capacity by up to 50%!

25 year history

With over 25 years of experience in installing conventional pallet racking systems, APC Storage Solutions SA has never experienced a collapse.

We offer world-class installations and servicing of industrial racking systems throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg