Cold Storage Solutions

Cold storage solutions maximise the storage density and pallet accessibility of your warehouse, increasing the profitability of this energy-intensive operation.

We create tailored cold storage warehouses for clients to enhance their utility of freezers and refrigerated areas, resulting in reduced square-meterage requirements.

Our range of cold storage solutions enable a denser and more efficient process design that minimises the cost-per-pallet in your cold storage application.

Optimising a warehouse for cold storage consists of a variety of customisable racking, shelving and warehouse automation solutions, which address the goal of enhancing density while retaining maximum access to your stowed goods in different ways.

Our cold storage solutions include mobile racking, pallet shuttles and stacker cranes. These systems can be implemented into both new and existing cold storage facilities.

Benefits of our cold storage warehouses designs:

  • Maximised storage density reduces cost per pallet by optimising air distribution
  • Suited for low- or medium-height refrigerated or freezer rooms
  • Improved air circulation between bays
  • Drastically reduces energy consumption
  • Enhances operational warehouse safety
  • Reduces risk of collisions
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TüV-GA certified

Leaders in cold storage equipment!

Capitalising on your cold storage space requires a turnkey warehouse solutions provider who looks at more than just the products you need! APC Storage Solutions SA provides total warehouse management services, warehouse space optimisation and warehouse inspections to ensure a leaner, more efficient cold storage operation!


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Our cold storage solutions:

We offer a range of storage equipment for your cold storage applications, including systems for cold rooms and freezers. In addition to our range of racking and shelving for cold storage, we also offer this range of specialised systems that drive down the costs of cold storage.

Mobile racking: installed on mobile bases, mobile racking eliminates the need for static aisles, replacing them with aisles that open only as and when required.

Pallet shuttles: pallet shuttles are installed permanently on each racking level’s guiderails, and convey pallets to their designated bay.

Stacker cranes: stacker cranes enhance pallet handling efficiency, reduce aisle space and lower operational costs through reduced labour input.

By using these warehouse automation systems we are able to reduce the amount of access aisles in your warehouse. This denser storage, with items stored close together, reduces your cooling space area and provides better air circulation – an essential in any cold storage application. 

Optimised warehouse designs:

Maximising cold storage efficiency is largely achieved by automating warehouse handling processes with our range of systems.

Warehouse automation systems are especially ideal for cold storage facilities where extremely high throughputs, high product turnovers and maximised utilisation of space are necessary.

Optimising cold storage with warehouse automation reduces energy consumption in a number of ways:

  • Increased storage capacity means refrigeration is applied to a greater number of pallets
  • Lowering cost per refrigerated pallet and retaining conditioned temperatures more effectively
  • Decreased manual input results in dramatic reduction in warehouse illumination demands and decreases labour costs 

Highest quality cold storage products:

All APC Storage Solutions SA cold storage warehouse products are treated with Catephoresis. This unique method protects racking components from corrosion in cold storage environments through a high-quality coating of epoxy, polyester and amino resin-based paints, applied through cathodic electro immersion.

Cataphoresis offers surface protection from temperature, humidity, salinity, and other stresses for a guaranteed 55 years.

Experienced in cold storage applications!

  • We utilise over 25 years’ experience to develop turnkey warehouse solutions
  • We distribute more than 50 000 tons of racking and shelving each year
  • We service more than 750 warehouses across the continent per annum
  • We have over 5 000 installed projects on record
  • We’re active in any industry, from cold storage facilities to large automotive warehouses.

Available throughout SA:

APC Storage Solutions SA has world-class storage experts who install your cold storage solution according to your warehouse design specifications. We offer these cold storage solutions throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg