Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long items within slow, medium and fast rotation warehouses.

Whether storing beams, profiles, pipes or timber, APC Storage Solutions SA supplies, installs and services cantilever racking systems to meet your specific warehouse requirements for optimised storage.

Cantilever racking systems are available in four variations to better suit your warehouse and storage requirements.

These variations comprise light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and mobile cantilever racking systems. We also offer a range of accessories for our cantilever racking systems.

  • 4 cantilever racking designs to suit your operation
  • Store large and small items within the same system
  • Safe and user-friendly racking operation, with low maintenance
  • Durable cantilever designs with high-strength rack bracing
  • Provides a lower cost per pick

APC Storage Solutions SA is the only racking supplier in SA to rent its range of cantilever racking systems! Read more about our rental options here.


Tell me more about Cantilever Racking System

Light-duty cantilever racking systems

Easy to configure and assemble, this storage system is designed for long and light loads – up to 300 kg on one arm.

It is also suited for loads that can be manually handled. No bolts or tools are required to attach the columns. These columns are supplied in heights of 2, 2.6 and 3 m and customised spacing is available.

This cantilever racking system can be fitted to one or both sides of the structure. The most common arm lengths are 500, 600 and 700 mm.

Medium-duty cantilever racking systems

This racking can handle up to 480 kg per arm and is ideal for storing long, heavy items such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber.

It can be fitted to one or both sides of the structure. Hooked and bolted arms and arm stops are available, with an arm retention device which keeps the system in place.

Items that require forklifts or mobile cranes to facilitate product movement are easily handled within the cantilever racking space.

Mobile cantilever racking systems

Our mobile base cantilever racking system increases storage capacity by eliminating wasted aisle spaces between cantilever racks.

This automated racking system has a wheel-based structure that is propelled by an integrated motor. This allows the racks to move along rails set on the warehouse floor. Strict safety and control mechanisms meet all warehouse safety requirements. Cantilever racking is compatible with our range of mobile racking systems.

Heavy-duty cantilever racking systems

The ability to hold loads up to 2 000 kg per arm sets our heavy-duty cantilever racking system apart from the others in the market.

Ideal for storing heavy and lengthy items like timber, pipes, beams and other heavy items.

This system grants simplified forklift access. 

Cantilever racking system accessories

Our range of cantilever racking systems features a number of accessories to enhance storage requirements and facilitate ease of use.

Our range of accessories include:

  • Lift truck guides
  • Guide entrances
  • Top-beam joints
  • Protectors
  • Load safety notices 

Available throughout SA  

APC Storage Solutions SA’s world-class storage experts who will design your cantilever racking solution for optimum warehousing.

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