Automated Laser Guided Vehicles

Automated laser guided vehicles are durable, flexible and modular solutions with short delivery and fast return on investment.

Automated laser guided vehicles utilise advanced laser technology to enable the vehicles to automatically move and transport items 24/7, reliably and safely.

These automated laser guided vehicles are used to improve the performance of production and warehousing.

Automated laser guided vehicles are used in a wide range of applications to boost process performance. These include conveyor pick-up / drop-off, order picking, pallet storage, pallet racking, pallet replenishment and reel block storage! 

Automated guided vehicles combine a tractor unit, mast, load handling and forks to automate picking and placing in your warehouse.

Ideal for all indoor warehousing applications, these automated guided vehicles are eco-friendly, with no CO2 or other harmful emissions and very low noise levels.

  • Laser triangulation to know exact location 
  • Reliable, 24/7 operation
  • Traceable product movement
  • Hygiene-sensitive designs
  • Eco-friendly designs
  • Provide logistical flexibility
  • No harm to staff, racks, products or other machines


Tell me more about Automated Laser Guided Vehicles

ALGV construction:

Automated laser guided vehicles (AGLV) are based on proven warehouse truck technology. The vehicles are automatically navigated and operate without drivers.

As part of customers’ production and intralogistics, they are used to increase the performance of production and warehousing. Automated guided vehicles transform standard warehouse trucks to intelligent laser-guided automatic vehicles. They include:

  • Standard tractor unit
  • Support legs (according to your requirements)
  • Mast (according to your requirements)
  • Load handling (forks, roller conveyors or paper reel clamps)

For a range of warehouse applications:

Automated laser guided vehicles provide versatile performance in your warehouse and are used in diverse applications to boost warehouse logistics and performance.

  • Conveyor pick-up / drop-off
  • Order picking
  • Pallet block storage
  • Pallet drive-in racking
  • Pallet gravity flow racking
  • Pallet push-back racking
  • Pallet racking
  • Pallet stack replenishment
  • Pallet VNA
  • Reel block storage

Available throughout SA:  

APC Storage Solutions SA’s world-class storage experts assess your unique warehouse requirements and offer warehouse automation solutions accordingly. We offer world-class installations and servicing of all automated warehouse solutions in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape TownDurbanPretoria and Johannesburg