New safety locking mechanism ensures warehouse racking stability and longevity

APC Storage Solutions SA, the South African specialist in warehouse storage solutions and warehouse automation, has introduced the Mecalux integrated safety pin, or locking mechanism, for connector systems on racking beams. The recently developed mechanism is attached permanently to racking beams and cannot be removed accidently or by malicious intent, ensuring enhanced lasting stability and safety in all APC Storage Solutions SA racking installations. 

The safety locking mechanism forms part of the rack end plate. As a permanent fixture it cannot be lost like its predecessor could, cannot be accidently knocked out, and once the installation is assembled it cannot be extracted without completely dismantling the beam.

Some advantages of these improved locking mechanisms include a marginal time-saving with regards to installation and significant time saving when inspections are carried out; permanently increases racking stability; and overall warehouse safety is enhanced.

“Its operation is simplistic, yet effective,” explains Ettienne Meyburgh, General Manager KZN Region and Automation, APC Storage Solutions SA. “The new safety pin is welded on to the beam where the previous safety clip was attached, so that on installation the beam slides easily in to place. The safety pin has a spring within its barrel which slides against the upright and is pushed back. Once the beam is in place the pin shoots back into place, safely securing the now connected beam. Removing the beam is just as easy as the safety pin is released by pulling back on it enabling easy beam dismantling while the safety pin remains in place.”

The Mecalux integrated safety pin was introduced to the South African market in August 2015 via APC Storage Solutions SA, and each of the company’s new installations since have the refined locking mechanism as a standard feature. “This is at no extra cost to our customers,” Meyburgh emphasises. He adds that the older pins are still in use in the company’s existing installations, so customers retain the same system throughout the warehouse. “However,” he adds, “as soon as any of those existing facilities require upgrades or expansions, the new integrated safety pins will be used across the structures.”

n locking mechanisms, as standard beam parts, undergo the electrostatic painting process applied to all Mecalux racking, providing protection against corrosion and ensuring durability. “Mecalux conducts approximately 8 000 tests to each product it develops before it is introduced to market,” Meyburgh concludes, “so the robustness and longevity of this product is unquestionable.”

APC Storage Solutions SA is the sole supplier of Mecalux storage solutions and accessories to southern Africa.