IHS Forklifts supplies 10-ton forklift for ESCO Corporations heavy-item handling

IHS Forklifts, a division of APC Group of Companies, has catered for the heavy-weight material handling requirements of ESCO Corporation’s Postmasburg repair facility through the provision of a new CHL 10-ton diesel forklift. The forklift, delivered to the facility on 27 October, will provide both lifting functionality as well as haul massive trolleyed loads weighing up to 45 tons for the company’s high-weight handling operations.

With a core business revolving around the repair and refurbishment of heavy industrial and mining vehicle attachments, such as jaw crushers, buckets, mechanical shovels and excavators, ESCO Corporation’s Postmasburg facility is optimised for large, bulky item handling.

A 90-ton gantry crane erected just outside the building loads and offloads steel parts and machinery delivered to the facility. The forklift then hauls these parts to the boilermaker, where they are cut to the necessary specifications, before handling and manoeuvring the part within a repair bay while it is being welded into place on the item being repaired. The facility has a floor space of 2 000 m2.

“We relied on IHS Forklifts’ knowledge and expertise of material handling warehouse applications to provide a forklift that would meet our handling requirements, and their solution delivers exactly what our application needed,” explains Rias Rabie, Branch Manager, Kathu ESCO Corporation.

The CHL Forklift, a recent addition to IHS Forklift’s material handling solutions catering for loads up to 16 tons, has simplified the electronic infrastructure specifying operational parameters, providing a more robust, durable working machine that is ideal for harsher warehousing and logistics conditions. Streamlining the electronic components of the machine has not only produced a forklift more tolerant of arduous operating factors, it has decreased its cost of production. “These innovations allowed us to offer a forklift solution that was significantly more price-competitive than the other bidders ESCO Corporation had approached,” explains Gus Kruger, General Manager, IHS Forklifts.

This also reduces the more complex servicing requirements of more electronically intense machines, lowering both maintenance expenses and downtime. CHL forklifts offer reduced service intervals over most other forklifts, in segments of 500 hours. Combined with a high-reliability drive train and several operational safety enhancements, CHL forklifts provide an ideal solution to Africa’s warehousing and logistics operations.

“While ESCO Corporation’s use of the forklift has been for a short time only, they have already – based on their experience with IHS Forklift to date, and the range of other smaller forklifts they offer – indicated their intention to equip their Polokwane facility with the same forklift, in addition to other facilities in the greater region,” Kruger continues.

The forklift was equipped with a 4-m mast, and has solid front and rear tyres as standard, rendering the possible presence of sharp floor objects immaterial. The 10-ton unit also has an integrated side shift, with the movement of the forks controlled by a socket and worm drive, meaning its fork width is set via mechanical handle. This enhances both the safety and pleasure of forklift operation.

As the official sole distributor of CHL into Africa, IHS Forklift’s contract included training both for the operation of the forklift as well as the specific month-to-month maintenance requirements. Routine services will be carried out by IHS Forklift’s recognised local service centre. The forklift will be supported by IHS Forklift’s standard high levels of aftersales service, with a guaranteed critical breakdown response of under four hours and a large availability of spare parts for ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

IHS Forklift is a key addition to APC Group of Companies, forming the mechanical material handling solutions component of its complete turnkey storage offerings.

APC Storage Solutions SA, though its dedicated material handing division, IHS Forklifts, offers a range of warehouse forklifts to handle any application and includes extensive service plans and workmanship guarantees.