Frozen Food Distributors drastically cuts cold storage costs

Cold storage is notoriously expensive, add to this the continuous electricity hikes and recent increase in inflation, and cooling a cold storage warehouse can easily cost companies hundreds of thousands per month.

That’s where we come in. Our Movirack® mobile racking system eliminates the need for aisles, thereby drastically reducing required floor space and enabling better circulation of cold air, as was the case for our recent installation for Frozen Food Distributors (FFD) in Cape Town.

As the distributor for premium brands like Nestlé, FFD required a secure solution able to hold high volumes in the least amount of space.

We recommended a configuration consisting of five mobile bases at 9.5 metres high. This provided the client with the required storage density and layout for its medium operational warehouse flow.

With Movirack®, the mobile racking units are installed on guided mobile bases that slide laterally, opening via remote or wall-mounted control when access is required to the aisle,  eliminating the need for additional aisle space.

“We designed this solution with scalability in mind, as we knew the client is planning on expanding its operation. Phase two, which began in May 2014, saw an additional 2 000 square metres added to the current space. We needed  our solution to be on par with the premium bands it was going  to be storing - Movirack® ticks that box! Our client is now able to utilise every cubic metre of its warehouse space, driving down monthly operational costs,” says Fred Albrecht, MD, APC Storage Solutions SA.

We also installed frequency convertors and sensors that facilitate automated and safe pallet movement, which further reduce lighting and labour costs.


Installation at a glance:


Client:  Frozen Food Distributors


Location:  Atlas Gardens, Durbanville, Cape Town


Project start date:   Phase 1 October 2013


Project completion date: November 2013


Client requirements: A secure system able to carry high volumes in limited space. Facility set to expand in coming months.


Solutions provided: Movirack® mobile racking, frequency convertors and sensors.


Movirack® is the only CE (European Safety Normative) accredited system of its kind in SA.  Click here for more information on Movirack®


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