Extra storage with minimal investment from APC Storage Solutions SA

APC Storage Solutions SA recently helped one of South Africa’s largest FMCG distributors to improve its Jetpark warehouse by 3 460 pallet positions – giving the warehouse a grand total of 16 174 pallet positions at less than a quarter of the predicted cost.

“This fast-paced distributor went with our designs and recommendations based on price,” says APC Storage Solutions SA Project & Solutions Manager, Walter Bland. “Some of our closest competitors’ quotes stretched well above the R10-million mark, but even though this was a massive project, we felt that with clever rearrangements, re-using existing infrastructures and by optimising warehouse operations, this project needn’t cost even half of what our competitors quoted.”

APCs’ new warehouse designs called for a combination of drive-in racking, which allows forklifts to enter the actual racking to reduce aisle space requirements, push back racking, which accumulates pallets on inclined racks on a last in/first out basis, and conventional pallet racking. “We further managed to keep costs down by refurbishing some of the client’s existing racking and shelving, sourced from some of their warehouses around the country,” says Bland.

Extra storage capacity was accommodated mainly by decreasing the access aisle widths from 4 300 mm, to 3 300 mm. “We installed the new racking in the empty space created by the rearrangement,” says Bland.

Installation stretched over three month-ends – typically the warehouse’s busiest periods. This required APC Storage Solutions SA to minimise its impact on standard warehouse operations during the installation.

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APC Storage Solutions SA, though its dedicated material handing division, IHS Forklifts, offers a range of warehouse forklifts to handle any application and includes extensive service plans and workmanship guarantees.