APC Storage Solutions SA provides machine manufacturer with total warehouse solution

When a US-based agricultural machine manufacturer and distributor recently took the decision to open a parts distribution warehouse in Plumbago Park in Pomona Kempton Park, Johannesburg, they asked APC Storage Solutions SA to help facilitate their move from their previous warehouse in Rosslyn outside Pretoria, to their new 22 000 m2 facility. This process involved fitting a state-of-the-art storage facility with some of the most advanced warehousing technology and parts logistics.

To be completed within strict deadlines, the scope for this project was for a total turnkey solution. APC Storage Solutions SA assisted with everything – from supplying and installing racking designed and manufactured according to the highest international standards, to managing all safety aspects, supplying boxes and labelling for the entire facility and overseeing the entire project.

As Shawn Gray, New Business Development Manager Automotive at APC Storage Solutions SA explains, APC Storage Solutions SA created an innovative design that enabled significant cost savings for their client through combining systems and integration.

“We utilised four different products to meet the objective of creating the most efficient product flow for our customer,” says Gray. “These included conventional pallet racking (CPR), where some areas were also installed using narrow aisle with guide rails, cantilever racking, racking for picking and Simplos shelving – a complete range of world-class storage technology.”

To achieve this, APC Storage Solutions SA first had to dismantle the storage solution at the previous facility. “We then uploaded in sections, so that the client would have access to the stock while we were still busy with the installation,” says Gray. APC Storage Solutions SA worked around the clock, 24 hours a day to complete the project and resolved any issues on site by working together as partners with its client.

APC Storage Solutions SA went the extra mile to deliver the best results for their customer: “Our client needed to move from the Rosslyn premises, almost a month sooner than expected, so we changed our project plan and co-ordinated with them to ensure that, although we were busy with the installation, they could still populate certain areas of the facility and move stock from there.”

He continues that APC Storage Solutions SA also fitted mesh decking on all CPR beam levels, using an incredibly strong mesh to create storage surfaces capable of handling and supporting load capacities that exceed the client’s requirements, while also being able to accommodate small and large items on the same storage surfaces. This mesh was the first installation in South Africa accredited to the ANSI MH 2007 standard for wire mesh decking, designed by APC and manufactured in America by APC Group.

“Over and above this, we also installed custom made protective back mesh panels in most sections of the warehouse. APC Protect, APC Storage Solutions SA’s innovative high-impact pneumatic plastic protection system, was used to protect the centre’s four structural columns,” adds Shawn.

Regarding the future of the site, Gray says that there is an extra 6 500 m2 of extra space that the client plans to develop, whereby APC Storage Solutions SA will once again provide a world class storage solution and integrated it with the existing flows and systems.

Shawn Gray points out that the original tender specification for the project showed requirements for a gangway system with a number of goods lifts.  APC adhered to the storage requirements and capacity without over investing into infrastructure and storage equipment and designed an alternative layout that met the customer’s demands.

“Because we believe it is important to design for the future and not just for the present, we therefore designed the gangway system to incorporate the future growth of our client and we will extend the gangway to become a multi-level gangway system with the required conveyor and lifting systems as and when the growth requires it, by using the existing infrastructure,” he concludes.


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