APC Storage Solutions SA grows its presence in Mozambique

APC Storage Solutions SA continues to grow its presence in Mozambique, and has recently completed the supply and installation of a racking system in Oceana Mozambique’s 2550m2 storage warehouse in the suburban region of Matola. The warehouse, which APC equipped with a conventional pallet racking system, will accommodate Oceana’s Mondelez (Cadbury Chocolate and Gum), AVI International (Bakers Biscuits, Frisco coffee, Ellis Brown, Five Roses and Freshpak teas) Kellogg’s Cereal, Danone and Mayo Yogurts inventory of perishable confectionary items.

Considering the possibilities of infrastructural challenges in the country, it is remarkable that the entire racking solution, in which 2012 pallets are accommodated, was designed remotely. “We designed Oceana’s entire Matola warehouse racking system based on a rough hand sketch which the client supplied, detailing the relevant spatial dimensions of the storage space which required a sufficient Storage Solution,” Wayne Gray, New Business Development Manager, APC Storage Solutions SA, explains. “After the initial design, and having not met the Customer yet, we arranged to meet with them in Matola to confirm that our measurements were precise, and were happy to report that the measurement were all précises and that we were ultimately successful in accommodating exactly the number of pallets we had initially quoted on.”

The warehouse, consisting of a main storage Warehouse and cold room, was fitted by APC Storage Solutions SA in just 10 days. The main Warehouse accommodates 1 808 pallet positions and the cold room is accommodating 204 pallet positions. Conventional pallet racking was also used in the cold room to enable Standard MHE operation.

A direct spin-off of APC Storage Solutions SA’s racking installation in Matola, was the awarding of two separate racking projects for Oceana, in Beira (completed in November 2013) and Nampula (currently in production). “The precision of the installation we provided in Matola and the high-quality racking product, including the lifetime warranty offered on it, have resulted in a very good relationship with Oceana, and we are looking forward to partnering them in meeting their future storage needs.”

“We’ve now done over 5 Storage Solutions installations in Mozambique which are key reference sites and are therefore able to direct potential regional customers to these to observe the quality of the design, the installation and the superior products,” concludes. Wayne.


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