APC doubles warehouse storage capacity for Dachser

Dachser Intelligent Logistics, a leading global logistics provider, is expanding its presence in South Africa and recently completed the conventional pallet racking installation of its newly built warehouse in Pomona, Kempton Park. By contracting the expertise and experience of APC Storage Solutions SA for the installation, storage space within the warehouse was maximised to unprecedented capacity and the facility is now able to accommodate up to 60% more product than a conventional racking with standard isle installation would have allowed.

The stock Dachser manages for clients includes products such as cereals and dry goods. With this in mind, APC Storage Solutions SA proposed a conventional pallet racking design in a narrow two-metre wide aisle configuration and strategically placed double and single racks. This design, making maximum use of the warehouse height and reduced aisle widths, has permitted the storage of 4013 pallets in just 2 500 m² of floor space.

“This proves that with the right solution designed for installation by the correct professionals, it is possible to increase storage capacity by a far greater degree than many warehouse owners think possible,” says Fred Albrecht, MD of APC Storage Solutions SA.

An integral aspect of the solution APC provided was its Artix® 14 Articulated Forklift. Due to the narrow aisle widths, it’s one of the only machines currently on the market able to operate effectively and has the ability for fork entry into pallets without backward movement for pallet removal.  “This warehouse is 78 metres long but only 25 metres wide,” points out Albrecht. “To optimise space utility the aisles are 1.5 metres narrower than your conventional warehouse storage aisle, and we had to create underpasses at the end of each isle as these are essential for the Artix® to turn for the return trip.”

Each pallet has a 1-ton capacity, with each bay accommodating two pallet units with a maximum load weight of 2.7 tons. As a precautionary measure, 500 mm high lateral protection has been incorporated into the racking system from the ground up.

The four-week long installation was completed at the end of June 2014 without any hiccups and as a result, Dachser recently awarded APC the contract to optimise another one of its warehouses on the same premises. In line with its growth, Dachser is also looking at expanding its existing premises in Cape Town and Durban.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Dachser,” Albrecht concludes, “and they acknowledge the fact that we provide a superior product, backed by European partners.”

Detlev Duve, the Managing Director of Dachser South Africa, says that the ability to offer end-to-end logistics solutions is fast becoming a prerequisite in South Africa, as companies compete in the global market. Internationally, Dachser offers an extensive warehouse network with more than 1,500,000 spaces for Euro pallets, with warehouses in Europe, North Africa and China. Extensions to Dachser South Africa’s facilities in Pomona have added an additional 3000 square metres of warehouse space, offering 3900 pallet positions to any industry in South Africa.

“Dachser warehousing, in the context of contract logistics, saves business costs and time for our clients as they avoid needless inventory and completes handling that is outside cleint’s core competence,” says Duve. “As the logistics partner, we can then efficiently use our warehousing capabilities to the fullest through flexible consolidation of multiple customers’ goods in our multi-user warehouses. APC has made a vital contribution to setting up a customised warehouse that takes picking techniques and disbursement strategies into consideration, enabling us to provide tailor made services for our clients,” says Duve.

APC Storage Solutions SA provides a lifetime warranty and five-year guarantee on products and installation.

APC Storage Solutions SA, though its dedicated material handing division, IHS Forklifts, offers a range of warehouse forklifts to handle any application and includes extensive service plans and workmanship guarantees.

APC Storage Solutions SA supplies its entire range of warehouse solutions to South Africa through its offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.