APC brings European safety standards to Africa with its shelving systems

Buying cheap, counterfeit shelving systems for your warehouse, store or office space can have serious consequences, as was the case with a prominent department store in the US whose employee was tragically killed after its shelving systems collapsed.

Similar to building failures, shelving collapses are typically caused by a combination of causative factors, such as deficient storage shelf design, construction and material, as well as improper maintenance and operational procedures

APC Storage Solutions SA is mitigating these risks in Africa as it is an authorised supplier of Mecalux storage systems - bringing European safety standards to Africa.

All APC Storage Solutions SA steel shelving systems are manufactured to the highest standards, and undergo stringent testing. As a result of the materials used, the company has been awarded many quality certifications including ISO 9001 and 14001, and TüV-GS. In addition, all the shelving and racking systems also adhere to EN 15512 regulations.

APC Storage Solutions SA is also the only local supplier to provide a lifetime warranty and 5-year guarantee on all our shelving systems – assuring clients of superior workmanship and quality of materials.   

It is also common practise to set up a mixed warehouse shelving of picking and palletising, where the top of the shelving is used to keep palletised stock and the bottom is intended for picking. APC Consult, the consulting division of the APC Group that specialises in the strategic planning, supply chain and warehouse design, will customise a shelving system according to your exact specifications!

This range of shelving systems can be adapted to any industry with various systems available, ranging from heavy-duty storage to light shelving for picking, all of which can be finished with chipboard, metal melamine or mesh.

Boost warehouse productivity with our storage systems! APC Storage Solutions SA specialises in all areas of industrial storage, from cold to mobile storage solutions, and strives to drive down your operating costs.  

APC Storage Solutions SA, though its dedicated material handing division, IHS Forklifts, offers a range of warehouse forklifts to handle any application and includes extensive service plans and workmanship guarantees.

Our shelving range:


Longspan shelving

Slotted angle shelving

Simplos shelving systems

M3® shelving for picking

M7® light duty racking | shelving

Mobile shelving | Movibloc®

Mecalux shelving

Our pallet racking range: 


Conventional pallet racking

Vertical Lift Module

Mobile racking | Movirack®

Drive-in pallet racking

Live storage pallet racking

Push back racking

M7® light duty racking | shelving

Live storage picking

Cold storage racking