Warehouse Storage Solutions

APC Storage Solutions SA is a market leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of warehouse storage solutions in Africa, with a complete product range of racking and shelving systems and semi-automated and fully automated intralogistical equipment.

For more than 25 years, APC Storage Solutions SA’s approach to storage has achieved space-saving warehouse designs that accommodate greater density in smaller spaces, enhanced warehouse flow, and long-lasting operational efficiency.

APC Storage Solutions SA has helped hundreds of companies across Africa optimise their warehouses and boost profitability by seamlessly integrating racking, shelving, automation and material handling equipment into one complete, efficient storage solution.

Africa’s leading storage solutions provider:

  • Distributes more than 50 000 tons of racking and shelving each year
  • Services more than 750 warehouses across Africa per annum
  • Has over 5 000 installed projects on record
  • Optimises warehouses in all industry sectors.

Our warehouse services include:

  • Warehouse design and planning to ensure leaner storage densities
  • Warehouse facility optimisation, from delivery to dispatch 
  • Warehouse inspection services to ensure operational safety
  • We also offer rental options to lower operational costs


Our range of storage equipment products:

Racking Systems

From conventional pallet racking to automated racking, these racking systems optimise any new or existing space in your warehouse. 

Shelving Systems

Enhance your stock and item management to make office spaces, warehouses, retail and other facilities more organised and space efficient! 

Automated Warehouse Solutions

Enhance storage and retrieval efficiency with automated warehouse solutions for a leaner warehouse flow!

Storage Equipment Products

Storage equipment products enhance your goods management and warehouse flow, maximising warehouse density for the lowest SKU cost.

Material Handing Solutions

Our range of material handling equipment offers solutions for indoor and outdoor warehouses, with a special range of laser-guided trucks for automated warehouses.

Warehouse Software & Solutions

 Our warehouse solutions can be found throughout South Africa, catering for every industry from automotive to food and beverage! 

Efficient supply chain management

Heading multi-million Rand projects across South Africa, APC Storage Solutions SA’s experienced warehouse technology specialists offer warehouse design and consultation services to small, medium, large and massive multinational storage facilities.

We offer storage solutions for all industries, including: cold storage warehouses, chemical storage warehouses, automotive parts warehouses, packaging warehouses and retail warehouses. View our list of recent projects and clients.

Backed by leading warranties

While all products from APC Storage Solutions SA are supported with a 10-year guarantee, our manufacturing and installation processes have been refined to the extent that installations can easily last a lifetime.

As leading warehousing solutions providers, APC Storage Solutions SA is the first storage solutions company in South Africa to offer a lifetime warranty on its racking and shelving installations!


Let's optimise your warehouse space! Find out more about a space-saving storage solution for your warehouse!

Adding safety and technology to your storage system


With over 4 000 tests performed, the characteristics and performance of all material is verified. Our storage solution systems meet the following quality standards:

With a choice of finishes available, including our specialised cataphoresis finish, our installations are ideal for a wide range of environments, from freezer rooms with temperatures as low as -45° C, to high-end office space.


We are backed by over 50 years of experience in the design and installation of storage solutions, storage systems and equipment for highly diverse sectors and industries.

We’ve worked with multinational and local companies across Africa, and with 5 000 completed projects on record, we have the experience and application knowledge to provide the optimum storage solution for your application.


All products are designed, specified, manufactured and installed according to the standards of the European FEM (Federation of Material Handling Equipment), SEMA UK (Storage Equipment Manufacturing Association) and RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute), and meet current standards requirements anywhere in the world.

For safer operation, a range of failsafe technologies and procedures are built into all installations, while for ergonomics, user-focused logic is incorporated into every design, giving users the most effective operating conditions in even the busiest warehouses.


Our design engineers and expert consultants use the most advanced calculation and warehouse implementation programs available on the market, providing the most up-to-date and reliable warehouse storage solutions and systems as required by your operation.

User-focused logic is incorporated into every design, giving users the most effective operating conditions in even the busiest warehouses.