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Product range automated warehouse solutions

Automated storage and retrieval systems 


Our automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) bring exceptional uptime, improved safety and multiplied productivity to warehouses. This technology improves material handling, order preparation and dispatch, and can be fully tailored to unique specifications.



Benefits of automated storage systems: 


  • Enables high throughput 

  • Ideal for high density warehouses

  • Designed for pallets, boxes and other items 

  • Economy of labour

  • Absolute load safety and security

  • Complete warehouse management with WMS



Warehouses that take space utilisation seriously further benefit from maximised storage density while maintaining fast, direct access to each stock keeping unit.



With leading European technology from Mecalux, APC Storage Solutions SA uses over 20 years’ experience in warehousing to deliver automated storage and retrieval systems that guarantee extreme performance from a single-source supplier. 


Complete automation from a single-source supplier 


With over 20 years’ experience in in-house design, manufacture, project management, installation and maintenance services, we are South Africa’s most established total warehouse solutions supplier. In the last year alone, we have optimised over 700 warehouses across Africa using European-engineered racking and shelving, automated storage and other warehouse technologies. 


Automation solutions based on leading technology


APC Storage Solutions SA has partnered with Mecalux, a multinational storage systems inventor, developer and distributor that spent well over R60 million on R&D in 2010 alone. This, coupled with a growth in global demand for warehouse automation, has made our automated storage systems more affordable, reliable, and productive.


Fully-accredited and compliant automation solutions


Automatic storage and retrieval systems from APC Storage Solutions SA carry all the European and American quality and safety accreditations attained by Mecalux, making our automated storage recognised internationally as a benchmark in quality and durability. This allows us to give all our automated storage an above-industry standard 5-year quality guarantee.


APC Consult, our forward-thinking warehouse design team that specialises in automatic storage, will analyse your requirements, spec and plan the design, manage the design process, and help prepare your facility for its upgrade to automation.  


Save money with automatic storage and retrieval systems


Automated storage packs items closer together than any other solution available to the market. By reducing or eliminating the need for access aisle space, and replacing the need for human access with high-tech machines, warehouses can operate at a higher pace and with greater efficiency. This translates into long-term savings.


Upgrade to automation and improve storage accuracy


Greater accuracy afforded by digital warehouse management technology helps automated storage systems save you money by controlling item rotation, correct order picking, and faster, more logical operation. Automated storage drastically reduces the risk of human error, which can cause damages to stock and compromise safety.


Get more uptime from your automated storage solution


Automated storage systems can operate 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, in hot or cold warehouse conditions. This level of performance gives automated warehouses extremely high throughput at lower costs than operator wages.


Reduce on-site staff requirements


Warehouse automation reduces the need for human operation – including the need for operators to comply with health and safety concerns. This, in addition to saving you money, reduces the risk of damage to stock or your racking installations.


Customise your warehouse for any need


Whether your warehouse requires large-scale automated storage for pallets, or small-scale shop-front order preparation, we will tailor automated storage to provide the best solution for you.   We incorporate a series of warehousing products, such as warehouse management software, accessories and specialised products into our automated storage systems; affording automated warehouses the flexibility, reliability and operational efficiency necessary to outperform your competitors.


Comprehensive aftersales support available nationwide


As part of our range of professional services, we provide continuous backup, maintenance, warehouse optimisation and operator training to maximise the benefits of our automated storage systems. Since on-going optimisation is essential for good warehouse automation, we recommend regular inspections to identify areas for improvement.


APC Storage Solutions SA offers world-class service in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Services are also available throughout the African  continent.