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Storage solutions for warehouses

APC Storage Solutions SA has helped hundreds of companies across Africa optimise their warehouses and boost profitability by seamlessly integrating racking, shelving, automation and material handling equipment into one complete, highly effective storage solution.


Established over 20 years ago, APC Storage Solutions SA’s unique approach enables space-saving warehouse designs that accommodate greater density in smaller spaces, enhanced warehouse flow, and long-lasting operational efficiency.


Using decades of expertise gained by working on some of the continent’s largest warehouses – APC Storage Solutions SA is considered a warehousing industry thought leader. Our services include:



Storage products and warehouse consultation

Available as stand-alone products and or as fully-integrated storage solutions, products from APC Storage Solutions SA comply with both European and American safety and environments, and structural standards. Our products include: 


Boost your supply chain with a faster, optimised and more productive warehouse.  Enquire NOW

Although all products from APC Storage Solutions SA are supported with a 5-year guarantee, the company has refined its manufacturing and installation processes to the extent that, with the right care, installations can easily last a lifetime. As warehouse industry pioneers, APC Storage Solutions SA is the first storage solutions company in South Africa to offer a lifetime warranty on its racking and shelving installations. Read more about: 



Core Purpose: We believe that innovative design in warehouse solutions is the enabler of the supply chain. 


Heading multi-million Rand projects across South Africa, APC Storage Solutions SA's experienced warehouse technology specialists offer warehouse design and consultation services to small, medium, large and massive multinational storage facilities. A 5-year guarantee on all our installations sets this warehousing technology apart from our competition, which helps to ensure world-class service and cost-effective warehouse management.



Boost warehouse productivity

with our storage systems

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With over 4 000 tests performed, the characteristics and performance of all material is verified.

We are backed by over 50 years of experience in the design and installation of storage solutions, storage systems and equipment for highly diverse sectors and industries.

All products are designed, calculated, manufactured and installed according to the standards of the European FEM (Federation of Material Handling Equipment), SEMA UK (Storage Equipment Manufacturing Association) and RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute), and meet the requirements of current standards anywhere in the world.

Our design and calculation engineers and expert consultants use the most advanced calculation and warehouse implementation programs available on the market, providing the most up to date and reliable warehouse storage solutions and storage systems.


World class storage solutions for the African market 


Transform your workspace into a fully integrated and optimised warehouse with APC Storage Solutions SA’s various types of racking and shelving, automation and material handling equipment along with other storage systems!


Let us optimise your space with unique solutions that include:


    • Long-lasting cost benefits

    • Lower maintenance

    • Faster operations


Safety and usability

Quality and safety ratings are in line with guidelines set up by the European Union. For safer operation, a range of failsafe technologies and procedures are
built into all installations, while for ergonomics, user-focused logic is incorporated into every design, giving users the most effective operating conditions in even the busiest warehouses. This allows us to supply and distribute storage systems and storage solutions of the highest possible quality, aimed at achieving maximum results for our customers.


Final quality of the highest standards

With a choice of finishes available, ranging from electrostatic epoxy powdercoating to hot dipped galvanizing, including our specialised finish cataphoresis, APC Storage Solutions SA's installations are ideal for a wide range of environments from coldroom and freezers with working temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celcius, to high-end office space.


These hard-wearing surface coverings do not only protect the specialised materials used in our storage equipment from the environment, but have an added advantage that it helps storage solutions to remain aesthetically pleasing for many years of industrial usage.


Boost your supply chain with a faster, optimised and more productive warehouse!

APC Storage Solutions SA offers world-class service in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Services are also available throughout the African  continent.




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